Kitty Bliss, Kitty Bliss, Kitty Bliss

Kitty Bliss is asking me to seek inspiration from everywhere and Why Not?

In my book collection, I have this awesome book of cat illustration,s by Andy Warhol called CATS, CATS, CATS.  I remember my good friend from Milwaukee Sue, who is also part of the awesome band called Frogwater gave it to me. Today it flipped off the book shelf and drew some inspiration for my many faces of Kitty Bliss series.

This is my latest experiment with KB. While painting last week I had an aha moment.  In my intuitive paintings which I call abstract expressionism with a spiritual twist,  I use the method of mono printing a lot. And while I was printing- I thought why not use my mono prints as the back ground for some of Kitty Bliss drawings.

Here is what I did for dinner :)  I think  these four are happy critters in the betwixt.