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My website:

My Blog and Diary: This blog also includes a dialogue and a documentation about my site specific earth art series. My vision is to create this art around the globe. Forming a web of connection between the art, viewer, artist, and Nature.

My Transformational Teaching  Professional Blog and Contact:This Blog is a document and a resource for my transformative art program. This includes facilitating and creating transformative art programs in mental health facilities, elder homes, and schools. I also teach small workshops and have private classes for adults and children

My collaboration Blog with Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton: Art is Moving believes that art is for the everyone.  We exist in order to push that belief as well as constantly question art, the artists role in our society, and the art world.  We also believe that art should be FREE.  It should be free to make, free to see, and free to talk about.  Because we believe that art is a fundamental part of a healthy society we will work in order to deliver it to every corner of the world

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