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    Homage to Feral Cats!

    Where I work they were going to starve and get rid of the feral cat colony. I had to take some action. First you make a petition. Getting folks aware of this issue.

    Petition for the Humane Treatment of the Feral Cats at Lincoln Child Center

    1) It has come to our dismay and attention that the feral cats at LCC will be trapped at removed from the campus. This most likely will involve the killing/ euthanasia of these cat’s, The cats (which are not pets) are to wild to be adopted. This course of action will be eminate death for these gentle and non-intrusive beings that silently live on our campus..

    The small feral cat colony benefits the health of the campus by killing rats and mice.

    Please sign the petition if you are against the trapping, removal, and killing of these cats.

    The Oakland Animals Services is in full support of the management of cat colonies.http://oaklandanimalservices.org/educate/feral-cats/

    2) Food Ban Mandated by Human Resources:

    We recognize that many of our staff members are animal lovers, and some have a special fondness for cats. Further, many of us also know that our campus has been the unofficial home for a contingency of feral cats.While many of these cats may be quite sweet-natured, we cannot provide food and shelter for them. Their continued attachment to our property has created a health issue as these cats are using various sandy areas and/or bark-filled playgrounds as their own private litter boxes. This is a significant health concern for our clients.

    Please do not feed these cats. We have to eliminate these health issues as soon as possible.

    Feeding bans don’t work and here’s why:

    – Feeding bans won’t make feral cats “go away.” Other sources of food like restaurant and household garbage are always available. Also, without a regular feeding schedule and location, cats will roam to find food instead, making them more visible.
    – Feeding bans don’t stop cats from “multiplying”; neutering does. Trap-Neuter-Return is the only effective way to stabilize feral cat populations. Since TNR requires scheduled feeding to be successful, it is impossible to carry out with a feeding ban in place.
    – Feeding bans punish the compassionate people who are working to improve conditions for the cats and for their community. Punishing the people who are making a difference is not good policy; these concerned citizens are not criminals.

    Feeding bans and other punitive laws do nothing to address the real problem: the lack of affordable spay/neuter services in the community.


    Please sign this petition if you believe the cats should be humanely managed and fed on campus. *The feeding location will be away from our playgrounds and clients services.

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